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The Company was formed in November 2015 as a Limited Liability Company under Maryland state laws and is headed by Rajmi Nakarmi. Rajmi is passionate about what she does with utmost dedication and patience. Rajmi has always loved art and revealed a brand-new world through the medium of eyebrow shaping. It’s been 14 years, and Rajmi continued loving it passionately. She is a certified Makeup Artist, Microblading artist, and shading tattoo artist as well.

Our service lines fit nicely with the prevailing tastes and preferences of the local area. We have five stars reviews on Yelp and Google, and our services are dearly loved. We focus on providing high-quality Eyebrow Threading, Eyebrows Tinting, Eyebrows Shading, safe eyebrows micro-blading, and full-service facial hair care by threading to the surrounding community. Our priority is to make our clients look and feel beautiful in every way they want and work delightfully to ensure that everyone leaves the chair happy.
A little history about Rajmi. She started her business from home while taking care of a young baby boy. She says “All those times I got an opportunity to meet women from different background, profession and especially mom with babies who I could relate to myself. It was fun working with them because I was learning and getting all the ideas about raising a baby at the same time. It was so nice to see how comfortable they were to bring their babies as well. We used to share our experiences and challenges. All my clients really like me and my work, I am blessed. I love all my clients and very grateful toward them for giving me so much love, support and trusting me which gave me courage to open my business professionally.
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We provide quality service focusing on customer satisfaction! Ranging from eyebrow sculpting to expert microblading and makeup services in Montogmery County, we offer it all.
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Whether you’re looking for Montogmery County beauty treatments or want to avail yourself of the best eyebrows threading in Montogmery County, we’re here to serve!
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